Monday, May 26, 2008

முதல் பெண்ணியவாதி

ஈ வெ ரா பெரியார் ஆன கதை!


krish.psg said...

I have seen your interview with Gnani at It was very interesting to know about such a different field. All the points you discussed were important for society. After watching that interview, i searched your blog to thank personally. Thank you very for sharing your thoughts with us.
Gopala krishnan

Dr. N. Shalini said...

thank you for the feedback. i am glad you found the interview so useful:)

Agni said...


I am very happy to see such a daring women and intelligent young psychatrist.I have started reading your articles in kumudam (b4 3 years, I guess),very impressive work, and admired on your knowledge.

Recently your interview in kumudam was excellent I was asthonished and watched that interview 2 or 3 times.

Keep it UP and All the best! :)

We expect more articles and interviews like that from you and as same more blogging too.....

Kalarani said...

Hi Shalini

Your interview with Gnani was sooooo good. Valid points. How can we contact you? Am very eager to have few words with you.

Keep your good work going!


Kalyani said...

Hi shalini,
your program(Uravugal Unarvugal) in kumudam was such a good thing.And i got more good advices in your program.thanx .Keep it up.

vigna said...

madem are u a periyarist,
i like people who fight for women democrasy,not only periyar gandhi, barathi, also. ur views regarding love feels in 12 years girl and how casual the parents should handle is good,{adaki vaasikkanum} i dont take it fulley.

Kalyani S said...

Hello madam,

Really proud to see a woman like you. I read ur tips in 'snegithiye'. its really good. am a big fan of u madam. Whenever u appear in screen u give very useful information. You gave very interesting information in 'neeya naana' program. thank u so much madam.

Lavanya said...

Dear Madam,

Just now watched ur interview in podhigai channel.I'm terribly in need of your consultation.Plz give me an appointment and contact details.